Ya gotta love the Nuge!

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#1 Ya gotta love the Nuge!

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Ted Nugent, rock and roller, gun enthusiast, and conservative rabble rouser came up with an idea to hopefully show these morons pulling down statues how much of an idiot they are. In case you doubt me, they toppled a statue of U. S. Grant in San Francisco. For you common core cretins, Grant was our 18th President and a general on the Union side (those fighting the confederates and slavery) and is largely believed to be one of the major reasons the North won the civil war.

Anyways, Recently Ted stated on social media, "This offends me and I'm sure I speak for millions. Can we tear this sh** down?" with a picture of President Obama's statue in Rapid City, South Dakota. The statue is one of many statues of presidents located there.
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