Pool on when the Shooting Starts

Stories of our government yearning to show how great and helpful they are with their heads up their hind-sides, and you just wishing they would go away!
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Joe Wooten
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#1 Pool on when the Shooting Starts

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I say by the end of March
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Rocket Babe
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#2 Re: Pool on when the Shooting Starts

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Lots of ways things can go. Locked and loaded. :USA:
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#3 Re: Pool on when the Shooting Starts

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In the neighborhood I live now, we wouldn't be able to tell the shooting had started, still we are prepared.
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The hydroponics lab on the starport is still a little in the new stage, but we're improving on it daily.
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and of course we still have the fully stocked Cantina bar. :)~(: Might just hunker down and get drunk till the *oops you said word #1 stops flying. I'm not as good as I once was, and unlike Toby Keith, I'm probably not as good once, as I ever was. :lol:
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