FAA putting the brakes on SpaceX...

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#1 FAA putting the brakes on SpaceX...

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As usual, our Fed gubmint is doing what they do best-- standing in the way of people actually trying to get something accomplished. Supposedly SpaceX's SN-8 launch which was highly successful except for the rocket not quite getting back down onto the ground in one piece (after a pressurization failure starved the landing engines at the last moment ending in a RUD) "violated their flight permissions" or whatever... more bureaucratic nonsense. SO now the brakes are on SN9 and 10...

There's already some scuttlebutt that Bezos and Musk's tiff (among others) recently over the Starlink satellites and other such stuff, combined with Bezos making millions in donations to the senile hair sniffer's campaign, might have greased the wheels for them to put the brakes on his #1 rival... Wouldn't be a BIT surprised by the monkey show bunch of kangaroos in charge now... Who knows.

Someone on another forum said he should just go find an island or something in a remote location to do his testing not regulated by the FAA and tell them to go pound sand... From what I've heard, there's a lot of good remote areas in the regions of the upper Amazoco, or more properly, in the area of the River Tiparape... LOL:) :lol: :lol:

Greater regulation and nonsense just encourages innovators to go elsewhere, as does industry... it just adds unnecessary expense to an already expensive development cycle or production costs. They can always come back with the finished products to sell them here LOL:)

Later! OL J R :)
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#2 Re: FAA putting the brakes on SpaceX...

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Those in power in Washington D.C. right now have no foresight as to the promise space brings. I think they only see it as a way for people to escape the politicians control power uh, help.
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