First things first, it's the brush!

A delicate touch and attention to detail can create amazing results
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#1 First things first, it's the brush!

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Some people will tell you when dealing with brush painting, the most important thing is the paint and/or the thinning of the paint. I disagree with that line of thought. If you use a stick as a paint bush, you can buy the most expensive paint you can find and it will look like it was just scraped onto the project. On the other hand, a good brush can hide a multitude of sins from bad paint or paint designed for a different application method (e.g. airbrush paint).

It amazes me how people who would think nothing of spending two to three hundred dollars on an airbrush, will complain about spending five to ten dollars, or more, on a single brush. I don't think we need to get that extreme, but you get the general idea. When it comes to selecting a brush, he first thing to consider is what you are painting and thus, the shape of the brush.
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#2 Re: First things first, it's the brush!

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True... :) Kinda like how HPR guys will blow $300 bucks on a motor for a single flight, then b!tch, p!ss, whine, and moan about having to burn $20 bucks in gas and drive 2.5 hours out of the city to a HPR capable field... LOL:)

Later! OL J R :)
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