Mr. President, Shouldn't you be at work?

Ways that our tax dollars are spent for good (really?) and for bad.
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#1 Mr. President, Shouldn't you be at work?

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For those weak willed, immature, panty-waisted, tree hugging types who start crying at chalk writing on the sidewalk for Trump, (see video here) This post has a link to the Donald Trump website. If this upsets you, here is your "safe space" escape link TRF

For the rest of those who are strong and sure of themselves...

The Trump campaign put forth a press release titled
President Obama Would Rather Campaign For Hillary Clinton Than Solve Major Problems Facing The Country

The release then goes on to list five areas troublesome to the country that the president of all Americans should possibly be working on. I know that this man would be disowned as president by a large portion of tax paying citizens of this US of A, but as long as he is drawing a pay check from us, shouldn't he be in Washington D.C.? Then there's the extra expense of him gallivanting off across the country on Air Force one. It's not like he hasn't taken enough paid time off already running up the bills, (New Obama vacation costs uncovered.

So now he's wasting our time trying to help Hillary.

(Trump press release
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