We gotta do something, even if it's meaningless??

Stories of our government yearning to show how great and helpful they are with their heads up their hind-sides, and you just wishing they would go away!
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#1 We gotta do something, even if it's meaningless??

Post by luke strawwalker » Wed, 04 Oct 17, 03:18 am

So in the wake of the terrible tragedy in Las Vegas, the facts hadn't even come out yet before the "usual suspects" on the left started their crusade against legal gun ownership AGAIN. (in the words of some of their favorites and best "thinkers", "Never let a good crisis go to waste").

SO, while folks are dealing with the enormity of the crimes committed and the aftermath of it, the usual suspects are using the tragedy to further their agenda. They are still selling the same old tired rhetoric, knee-jerk reactions with no meaningful results for the next situation like this.

The simple facts are (as I presently understand them; I've been on the road for the last few days and have only gotten the information sporadically from the radio and the media, and we ALL know how reliable that is) that this creep didn't have a criminal history, was well off, a LICENSED PILOT, and wasn't being watched as any kind of extremist or nutcase. For whatever reason, he just "snapped" or whatever and decided to carry out this terrible attack.

Of course the usual suspects start with the "we have to outlaw these terrible guns" mantra, the reality is, guns are neither good nor bad-- they're a tool that can be used or, unfortunately, MISUSED-- it's the intent and purposes of the ONE WIELDING THE TOOL whether they're used for good or evil. A hammer can be used to build a house, or to kill. Most tools we use can similarly be misused.

Had he not used a gun, or had he not had access to a gun, would not have "assured" that this attack would not have happened, regardless of what the "usual suspects" would have simple-minded sheeple believe. In a way, terrible as it sounds, it's likely that had he NOT used a gun, the carnage could have been much, MUCH worse... As a private pilot, had he chosen to rent a plane, have it fully fueled, and possibly carried extra fuel or explosives or whatever he could get his hands on with him, and then dove that plane at full throttle into that crowd at a low angle to the ground at maximum speed, sending the plane crashing through the crowd the length of the stadium, it's quite likely that the killed and wounded would have numbered 3-5 times what they actually were, in the end. As large as that crowd was, they would have been completely unable to avoid such an attack. If he had managed to steal a larger aircraft, like a jet, the death toll could have been much worse yet.

Had he flown a small plane into the crowd, would the usual suspects be talking about outlawing small aircraft? I think not. Had he stolen a gasoline tanker truck and drove into the crowd and blew it up, would they be talking about outlawing semi trucks?? Of course not. Guns are just an easier target for them to make a stink about.

ALL the things he did were ALREADY illegal. Passing MORE laws to make it "more illegal" would not have helped, and will not help to prevent such things in the future. Fully automatic weapons and murder are already illegal, and that is the root of the problem-- people committing crimes don't care that what they're doing is illegal. It's an exercise in futility that merely disenfrachises decent people of their rights, while contributing NOTHING to stopping such actions by criminals or nutcases in the future.

The TRUE problem is criminals and nutcases who just don't care, or who WANT to create as much death, destruction, and mayhem as possible... People who are TRULY evil, or who become truly evil by deciding to do the things they do.

Until you figure out a way to outlaw going insane or "snapping" or going nuts or whatever, and to identify and deal with them, then it doesn't matter what "tools" you make illegal. People still kill others with their bare hands, and have killed people with rocks and sticks for millenia, right up to the atomic bomb. It's just a progression of tools and scale.

Later! OL J R :)

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#2 Re: We gotta do something, even if it's meaningless??

Post by bernomatic » Wed, 04 Oct 17, 14:09 pm

It's not even just the meaningless stuff. What frost my balls is the fact that they (the usual anti-gun whiners) bring up things that are not even pertinent to the case. :evil:

Take for instance Her Majesty, Hillary Clinton. Within hours she is tweeting out about "silencers" even though none were used in this instance. Ah, but what if... What if someone is a basement scientist and constructs an atomic bomb? :o

Or Jimmy Kimmel calling for a law to prevent insane people from owning guns and implying that President Trump just negated such a law. No-o-o-o-o First off the subject had no history of any psychiatric problems. Second, all President Trump did is remove another Obama executive order which took away certain peoples right to own weapons without any due process. And lastly, we already have a law on the books which states that people with a psychiatric problems cannot own firearms IF SAID RIGHT IS TAKEN AWAY BY A JUDGE (read due process is followed)

All these whiners show is there ignorance.
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